Do you have a taste for the Gothic and the antique, for the glamorous and dramatic? Are you an admirer of arched ceilings, medieval architecture, stone walls and floors, and heavy, ornate, wooden furniture? The following images show us it is possible to incorporate a little bit of that medieval flare into your home quite easily.

Castle Themed Interiors 1

Castle Themed Interiors 2

Castle Themed Interiors 3

Castle Themed Interiors 4

Castle Themed Interiors 5

Design by Mariya Vergezova

Castle Themed Interiors 6

The architecture of this room is what makes it most castle-like. The walls, columns and the connecting ceiling and floor are all made of stone. The windows are narrow and gated and a few pieces of furniture are made of lavishly adorned wood. Photo Credit

Castle Themed Interiors 7

The heavy, dark wood with its intricate, ornate carvings, is a prime example of castle furniture. The richly adorned wallpaper, wall candles, and medieval-era painting add to the castle theme. Photo Credit

Castle Themed Interiors 8

The arched ceilings of this hallway are stunning, and reminiscent of a quintessential castle dining hall. Stone is omnipresent here, appearing in the arches of the ceiling, in the large fireplace, and on the floor. The fireplace is intricately and ornately carved. The wooden furniture is sparse but also quintessential of castle decor. Like in most castle halls, a rich brown, wooden bench, chairs, and smaller sidetable decorate the hall. The large lantern hanging above the dining table is the main source of light and the wooden doors curve upwards to form a pointed arch as well. It is easy to be transported to a different era when looking at this room. Photo Credit

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