Headboard feature walls are by no means a new concept, but this selection of boasting beauties really grabbed our attention with their hard-to-ignore patterns that positively scream “look at me!” Via Willy Gufron Why not make your bedroom a work of art? This piece brings a playful and eye-catching splash to a quietly controlled layout. Via Blurlight Swirling paint stroke effect wallpaper brings a fevered flourish to a predominantly neutral scene, adding bags of character and movement. By Mixman Via 3DQart A monochrome backdrop makes the cherry red accessories in this room sing, and despite the busy and intricate pattern used edge to edge over this large feature wall, all of the other elements still manage to stand their ground as part of the design, thanks to a paired back palette. Via My Design Review A black feature wall can appear overpowering, but the chinks of yellow light that shine from this floral design really brighten the mood of the modern space. Via My Design Review By Febrian Ihsani A long, low-slung headboard extender gives a room a feeling of greater proportions. Design by Anna Marinenko By Svetlana Nezus Via My Design Review Why not feature a famous artwork there? The above one features ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. Via My Design Review Via My Design Review The large checked wall panel that is seen here acts as a headboard extension, pulling the eye up to create a more impressive effect. Via My Design Review

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