Most people would love a dedicated room at home to use as a second office, or even a designated corner of the living room or bedroom, or a dining room table that doubles as a center of industry. So if you are lucky enough to have commandeered one of these areas for work, then how do you go about making it a stylish and practical study?

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A large desktop, like a dining room table, is ideal if there is likely to be more than one family member working at home at any given time, though this is not a great solution for those who are desk hogs as arguments may ensue when paper-mountains overflow from one side to the next.

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Workspace Inspiration 3

Above 3 by Bogdan Stancu

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Via 3DDD

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Via XDream 3D

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By Eugene Zhdanov It’s a nice option to include a small two-seater sofa in your office setup if you have the room, that way family can come in and join you for a quick coffee break, but maybe avoid anything so cushioned and cozy looking that it might temp you away from your work for a cheeky nap!

Workspace Inspiration 7

Via MyDesign

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Via Rusu Ruslan The installation of a few useful shelves above a desk area, for a handy selection of reference books, looks just as attractive as part of a family living area as it does in a closed off office space, just try to keep the shelf free of any unnecessary clutter.

Workspace Inspiration 9

By Alex Dergachev

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Workspace Inspiration 11

Above 2 by Jamille Vonthorr

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By Blalank Studio

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