The Twitter team decided that San Francisco was to remain the place they call home, and moved into office space at 1355 Market Street, Market Square. Office space within the two art-deco buildings that make up Market Square has experienced a long period of vacancy-decades in fact-and the injection of business life brought by the tweeters is hoped to help revitalize the spot that contains 890,000 square feet of office space above 200,000 square feet of retail space. Originally opened in 1937, the newly restored Market Square in the City of San Fran now houses three entire floors of Twitter related décor, from the ‘@birdfeeder’ canteen, to the arcade game packed Larry’s Lounge-named after the oh-so familiar avian friend that makes up the famous logo. A bird relief pattern has been incorporated into the flooring of much of the meeting and recreational spaces, continuing the branding into social and fun zones nurtures the notion that this is a great company to be part of. A yoga studio ensures the workers stay cool, calm and collected, whilst a rooftop garden provides a chance to take in a breath of fresh air and gain new perspective. Many common spaces cluster throughout the workplace, offering relaxed zones for idea sharing and creative brainstorming. Market Square Logo Pictures by in-house Twitter photographer @TroyHolden Via Twisted Sifter

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