Modeled after 19th-Century writing desks (remember those?) this high-tech workbench features 26 drawers for storage and a spacious worktop that features a built-in computer, sound system and soldering station plus a unique lighted planetarium locking mechanism.

Although the design resembles furnitures back in medieval ages, the logic that resulted in this excellent product belongs to the future. It completely has a wonderful mechanism that could attract anyone. Along with it’s components , this fantastic workbench distinguishes itself from any other workbench designs.

In addition to a flawless design from wooden material, wisely integrated components make this product an original and unique one. It features a pop-up desktop computer, a vintage style sound system, a fucntional soldering station as well as 26 drawers. If you need a workbench, you should consider buying a similar one.

Full size is 620X960 (Link to full-size image) pixels.

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