With open layouts in demand for contemporary homes, one of the most popular space combinations is the living room and dining space. Homeowners often like to combine the two social spaces to make gatherings a more organic affair, where guests can wander freely between the two areas, enjoying good food and maximum comfort in one seamless space.

Living and Dining 1

This logical extension of one social space to another can pose problems too though, specifically when it comes to hiding away the overflow of clutter that is native to each zone. Entertainment gadgetry does not always make the best view for a dinner party setting, and who wants to look at a collection of dishes when putting their feet up at the end of the day? Therefore, storage becomes incredibly important in combined spaces, consider concealed cupboards where paraphernalia can be hidden away with ease.

Living and Dining 2

Above 2 from Beautiful Modern House

Living and Dining 3

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Living and Dining 6

Living and Dining 7

You can also use attractive, statement lighting to define your dining area; hang pendants low along the length of your table for an intimate dining experience that will set the eating area apart from the lounge.

Living and Dining 8

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Living and Dining 10

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Living and Dining 14

You can define the boundary between your two areas by turning the back of your sofa towards the dining suite rather than looking onto it.

Living and Dining 15

Living and Dining 16

Above 3 via PressEnter Design Recommended reading: More Living and Dining Inspiration

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