With many of us living in overcrowded cities and towns, the craving for our own patch of natural green space can too often go unsatisfied. Many of us make do with the odd pot plant or window box, but in this piece we’ve rallied together 10 approaches to the indoor garden.

Indoor Garden Ideas 1

A narrow strip of landing space is utilized in this home with the installation of a long planter, enabling the planting of a path of bamboo that stretches up the staircase.

Indoor Garden Ideas 2

If you long to see the trees stretching their branches out over the countryside, then how about a mini version? A bonsai tree offers the same stunning silhouette as the beautiful green giants, and a mossy base creates a rolling hillside. The small scene in its entirety acts almost like a living snapshot.

Indoor Garden Ideas 3

For something sturdier, that doesn’t require the delicate touch of green fingers, how about a cactus cutaway like these? Simply section out part of your floor plan–however big or small–plant a few prickly friends and fill with pebbles for an attractive and clean finish.

Indoor Garden Ideas 4

This indoor balcony garden has a cascading mass of greenery that overhangs the space below. This kind of design looks great in an open plan space, over a mezzanine or even as part of a large hallway design.

Indoor Garden Ideas 5

Not many people have the space for this kind of interior landscaping, but it really does look stunning! Lit by skylights, a stream with freely swimming koi fish cuts through shrubs and quaint al fresco-style dining areas.

Indoor Garden Ideas 6

Nestled in a light well, a grassy border decorates this long bathroom space. The lush green strip brings a sense of health and well being–a perfect pick me up for the early morning routine.

Indoor Garden Ideas 7

This bathroom enjoys a fuller garden complete with palm trees for a tropical bathing experience; you can even take a shower beneath the fronds.

Indoor Garden Ideas 8

Vertical gardens like this one use up minimal floor space, so you can enjoy a huge amount of greenery in a home that has very little square footage.

Indoor Garden Ideas 9

This suspended garden looks delicate and pretty.

Indoor Garden Ideas 10

Indoor salad gardens are practical in the kitchen.

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