We sifted through Airbnb’s collection of beautiful parisian apartments to bring you this eclectic gallery of French interior style. These gorgeous dwellings are packed with cool collections of both rustic and modern furniture, neutral surroundings and fun pops of color.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 1

Beneath the chunky aged beams of this room lies a layout of modern pieces perched on area defining rugs. Two powder blue accent chairs prevent the rooms palette from becoming too stale, and an injection of green is brought in with the plants and artwork.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 2

A brighter cobalt blue adds a bolt of color to this living space, which is complimented by a lively yellow rug.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 3

This lounge has much more age to it with the choice of comfortable couch and armchair atop of a floral rug, but quirkier accent pieces pick up the pace.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 4

A pallet bed provides a bohemian slumber place in this parisian bedroom, adjacent to a cow hide rug that marks out a casual sitting area furnished by petite rustic items. In complete contrast to the earthy tones and distressed finishes present in the rest of the room, white glass wardrobes fill a wall flanked by a huge modern floor to ceiling mirror.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 5

Wood tone rules in this busy looking apartment complete with indoor swing, where two dining tables are swathed in rich red and golden yellow cloths.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 6

A model of the Eiffel tower adorns the sideboard of this cosy French dwelling, where the walls need no decoration other than the beautiful original architectural beams. A quaint mezzanine provides a home for a cozy bunk above the lounge area.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 7

A richly eclectic dining room plays host to a whole menagerie of furniture and accessory styles, which provides a really fun and welcoming visual.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 8

A much sharper contemporary style is adopted in this more formal apartment that is home to art and accessories that appear to have been quirkily roped off from wandering visitors! A glass topped desk makes this a place for work as well as play.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 9

Country style table and chairs offer classic silhouettes to this sparse room.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 10

An alcove has been utilized as a book nook, which gives this white walled apartment a more homey feel.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 11

Elegant coving and paneling provide a chic backdrop here.

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 12

Beautiful Parisian Apartments 13

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