This beauteous parade of bathrooms, inspired by an array of contrasting countries, demonstrates how to pull elements of inspiration from some of the finest, most luxurious takes on the humble bathroom from across the world. These rooms aren’t intended to give an educational cross section of a typical home in these locations, but rather to take a pinch of flavor from each culture, mix it up with a good measure of panache and a dash of whimsy.

Bathrooms of the World 1

By Dennis Zhitnik This Greek style suite harks back to ancient times with its artwork and color palette, whilst maintaining a clean modern edge in the approach to layout and fixtures and fittings.

Bathrooms of the World 2

Via Delpha A rich Moroccan approach is decadent and passionate in a stunning purple palette, and twinkling mosaic tiles.

Bathrooms of the World 3

Via Italy Traveller A typically Tuscan twist emphasizes old wooden ceiling beams, picked out in dark stain against a sympathetic buttery backdrop.

Bathrooms of the World 4

Via Suppose An interior courtyard with a zen air breathes classically clean Japanese ethos.

Bathrooms of the World 5

Traditional Chinese luxury with shiny silver accents gives a delicate yet cool look.

Bathrooms of the World 6

Arabian bath nights glitter with gold in this palatial scene.

Bathrooms of the World 7

Practical Scandinavian styling combines utility with bathing, set against a familiarly Scandi white canvas.

Bathrooms of the World 8

A regal Russian treatment sees gilt edging and intricate tile patterning.

Bathrooms of the World 9

Bold American graphics form a striking wall mural in this space, whilst taxicab checks frame the furniture.

Bathrooms of the World 10

Via Milldue Edgy Italian modernism rules in this dramatically dark setting, though there is a clear nod to old Italy in the sculpture and chandelier work.

Bathrooms of the World 11

This contemporary take on a Turkish bathroom is composed of natural materials to promote relaxation, with a generous sunken tub forming the centerpiece.

Bathrooms of the World 12

Above 2 via Gad Architecture

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